Can you believe that we can change our world through NFTs which express people’s emotions in the modern society? Change your world through 10,000 Angry Bulls NFTs. Will you join with Angry Bulls Club? Angry Bulls Club project is based on the multi-chain networks with Polygon and Klaytn and issued a total of 10,000 PFP NFTs. We are together on a new journey of modern people starting at Angry Bulls Club Metavers, and Enjoy your perks and right of memberships.
Bulls with genetic mutations caused by genetic manipulation experiments in the 1940s. As soon as testosterone is injected into the bulls for testing before the human experiment proceeds, internal strife occurs, so they escape. Due to the excessive injection of testosterone that could not be removed during the escape process, they had a belligerent personalities and a desire to conquer. Still, they have a good heart from the beginning, so they suffer from double characters.